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A.D.I. Check Test Training with Michael Stewart

Highest Grade (A) Approved Driving Instructor (A.D.I.)

Please contact me for me information on your requirements:-

Check Test Training -
Need help to get a good grade?

I can help you!!

A.D.I. Part 3 'Rescue' Training testimonial

"I contacted Michael about 3 weeks before my 2nd attempt at part 3 as my previous school had let me down. When we met for the first time I found Michael to be calm, patient and very knowledgeable about his subjects, we also had a bit of a laugh too especially when I told him (the pupil) that coasting is illegal and not that you don't have control."

"I realised very quickly that I had a lot of work to do as there were quite a few holes in my learning. I went into my test as confident as I could be and I was right to, SUCCESS I passed. I know that if i hadn't gone to Michael for extra training I would most likely have failed and had to start again, so my thanks got to him and I would highly recommend him to any PDI's (and already have done) who want to pass their part 3."

Jason Endress, Warrington

A.D.I. Check Test Training testimonial

"A couple of weeks ago I had a check test. About a week before that, I had had three hours worth of training from Michael.

Before the training, I was very unsure about myself, however after just three hours, Michael managed to reassure me and put right my mistakes. I was very happy with the training that I received, not only during the three hours but it was the after hours that helped me as well. Any time I had a question, I could call Michael and he was very helpful."

With this in mind, I went for my check test full of confidence and managed to come away with a grade 5, nearly getting a grade 6. My examiner was so impressed with the lesson that I gave that he even asked who I had done my training with.

Finally I would just like to say thank you very much Michael. If you're thinking about doing some extra training, I would definitely be calling Michael."

Vaughan, Rochdale  

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